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UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has now created the first outlet in the country to be powered solely through food waste.

Collaborating with waste recycling company Biffa, the company has developed a facility close to its Cannock, West Midlands store that has enabled it to leave the grid completely. Like many other supermarkets, the outlet marks down any fruit and vegetable products at the end of the day if they’re no longer good to sell.

However, if they’re still not sold they’re handed over to charitable organizations that can still use it, or used to create animal feed. If it’s not suitable for any of that, the food waste is picked up from a nearby Sainsbury’s depot by Biffa, which uses its anaerobic digestion facility to turn the waste into electricity. A 1.5km cable is then used to send the energy — enough to power day-to-day operation of a store — back to the Cannock outlet.

(via Supermarket store is entirely powered by food waste | Springwise)

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bleh I need to speak to an actual engineer and sort out my shit, I don’t know what I want to do bc I want to do all of it

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It’s on us as adults to teach children... x


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Mario pushing away the bitch that made him fall  (◠‿◠✿)

Strength is realizing that it is impossible to be strong all the time
— Sally Franser (via fuzzyginger)
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